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Gap4 Menus

The main window for gap4 contains File, Edit, View, Options, Experiments, Lists and Assembly menus.

Gap4 File menu

The File menu includes database opening and copying functions and consensus calculation options.

Gap4 Edit menu

The Edit menu contains options that alter the contents of the database.

Gap4 View menu

The View menu contains options to look at the data at several levels of detail, and analytic functions which present their results graphically.

Gap4 Options menu

The Options menu contains options for configuring gap4.

Gap4 Experiments menu

The Experiments menu contains options to analyse the contigs and to suggest experimental solutions to problems.

Gap4 Lists menu

The Lists menu contains a set of options for creating and editing lists for use in various parts of the program.

Gap4 Assembly menu

The Assembly menu contains various assembly and data entry methods.

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