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For many operations it is convenient to be able to process sets of data together - for example to calculate a consensus sequence for a subset of the contigs. To facilitate this gap4 uses lists.

Most gap4 commands dealing with batches of files or sets of readings or contigs can use either files of filenames or lists. When selecting list names from within dialogues the "browse" button will display a window containing all the currently existing lists. To select a list simply double click on the list name. Alternatively the name may simply be typed in.

The List menu on the main menubar contains commands to Edit, Create, Delete, Copy, Load, and Save lists. Some of these display a list editor. This is simply a scrollable text window supporting simple editing facilities (see section Text Windows).

The "Clear" button clears the list. The "Ok" button removes the list editor window. It is not necessary to use "Ok" here before supplying the list name for input to another option.

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