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Colour Configuration Window

Many gap4 displays make extensive use of colour. It is useful to able control the colours used for particular plots and the Colour Configuration window is used for this purpose. As the Colour Configuration window can be used from several different options, for convenience of documentation we refer to the window invoking the configuration window as the 'parent' window.

One use for this dialogue is to edit the colours for individual restriction enzyme types when they are displayed as a single line within the Template Display. By default all types are drawn in black, but the Colour Configuration dialogue enables each to be given its own colour. Another application is to adjust the colours used for displaying matches plotted within the Contig Comparator.

Below is an example of using the Configure Window for a Find Read Pairs result. It was brought up using the configure command within the result manager. See section Result Manager. The window contains controls for adjusting both the line thickness and colour. Not all Colour Configuration dialogues (for example, when used with Restriction Enzyme Map) will include the line width section.


The colour is adjusted by dragging the three sliders until the coloured box at the bottom of the window shows the desired colour. Colours edited here will affect the displays within the parent window. Pressing OK will shut down the configuration window and keep these colours. Pressing cancel will remove the window and will set the colours in the parent window back to their original colours.

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