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Introduction to the Contig Joining Editor

Contigs are joined interactively using the Join Editor. This is simply a pair of contig editor displays stacked one above the other with a "differences" line in between. The Contig Join Editor is usually invoked by clicking on a Find Internal Joins, or Find Repeats result in the Contig Comparator. In which case the two contigs will appear with the match found by these searches displayed.

The few differences between the Join Editor and the Contig Editor can be seen in the figure below. Otherwise all the commands and operations are the same as those for the Contig Editor.

(Click for full size image)

In this figure the Cutoff or Hidden data is being displayed for the right hand contig. One difference between the Contig Editor and the Join Editor is the Lock button. When set (as it is in the illustration) the two contigs scroll in register, otherwise they can be scrolled independently.

The Align button aligns the overlapping consensus sequences (see section Editor joining).

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