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Check Database

This function (which is available from the gap4 File menu) is used to perform a check on the logical consistency of the database. No user intervention is required. If the checks are passed the message "Database is logically consistent" is written to the Output Window. If the database is not found to be consistent diagnostic messages will appear in the Output Window and Doctor Database from the Edit menu should be used to correct the problem. See section Doctor Database.

Several options, such as assembly, automatically perform a check database prior to executing. If the database is found to be inconsistent the option will not continue. However some checks are considered as "non fatal" and will not block such operations. Currently the only non fatal checks are the positional checks for annotations and for readings that are never used. To fix the database, use the Doctor Database "ignore check database" setting to disable the inconsistency checking. See section Ignoring Check Database.

The following sections define the checks and the order in which they are performed.

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