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Configuring Menus

When used for the first time gap4 will start up in beginner mode. What this means is that some of the less widely used options will not appear in the menus. The "Configure menus" command in the Options menu may be used to change between "beginner" and "expert" mode. In expert mode all the menu items will be displayed.

To permanently set the menu level users select the appropriate level and press the "OK Permanent" button. This will save the menu level information to the `.gaprc' file in their home directory.

If desired, other menu levels may be created by the package administrator. This is achieved by editing the `$STADENROOT/tables/gaprc_menu_full' file, changing the MENU_LEVELS definition and adding the appropriate labels to the end of each command. Each command specified in the menu file ends in a list of menu levels in which it is active. To make a command active for several levels, enclose the level identifiers in a Tcl list, such as {m e}. If this is missing, the command will be active at all menu levels.

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