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Plotting Restriction Enzymes

The restriction enzyme map function finds and displays restriction sites within a specified region of a contig. It is invoked from the gap4 View menu. Users can select the enzyme types to search for and can save the sites found as tags within the database.

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This figure shows a typical view of the Restriction Enzyme Map in which the results for each enzyme type have been configured by the user to be drawn in different colours. On the left of the display the enzyme names are shown adjacent to the lines of plotted results. If no result is found for any particular enzyme eg here APAI, the line will still be drawn so that zero cutters can be identified. Three of the enzymes types have been selected and are shown highlighted. The results can be scrolled vertically (and horizontally if the plot is zoomed in). A ruler is shown along the base and the current cursor position (the vertical black line) is shown in the left hand box near the top right of the display. If the user clicks, in turn, on two restriction sites their separation in base pairs will appear in the top right hand box. Information about the last site touched is shown in the Information line at the bottom of the display. At the top the edit menu is shown torn off and can be used to create tags for highlighted enzyme types.

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