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Controlling and Managing Results

Result manager

Many functions within spin produce "results" which are plotted to the SPIN Sequence Plot ( see section SPIN Sequence Plot) or the SPIN Sequence Comparison Plot ( see section SPIN Sequence Comparison Plot). The Result Manager provides a mechanism to interrogate and operate on these results.


The Result Manager can be accessed via the "Results manager" command in the View menu on either the main menu or the menu bar of the SPIN Sequence Plot. Alternatively the results can be accessed as a menu attached to the "Results" option on the SPIN Sequence Plot menu bar. In this case the individual results are written in the same colour as the plots they refer to:

(Click for full size image)

Each result is listed in the window containing the time the result was created, the name of the function which created the result and the result number. The number is simply a unique identifier to help distinguish between multiple results produced by the same function. The results are listed in time order, the oldest at the top.

Each item in the list is consuming memory on your computer. Running functions over and over again without removing the previous results will slow down your machine and it will, eventually, run out of memory. Removing items from the list solves this.

Pressing the right mouse button over an listed item will display a popup menu of operations to perform on this result.


This option in the pop-up writes data about the parameters used to obtain the corresponding result.


This option in the pop-up writes all the numerical values for the result to the Output Window. This should be used sparingly as it requires a lot of memory.


This option allows the line width and colour of the matches to be altered (see section Colour Selector). A colour browser is displayed from which the desired line width or colour can be configured. Pressing OK will update the SPIN Sequence Plot.


This option removes the points from the SPIN Sequence Plot but retains the information in memory.


This option will redisplay previously hidden points in the SPIN Sequence Plot.


This command removes all the information regarding this particular result and access to this data is lost.

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