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Copyright (C) 1999-2002, Medical Research Council, Laboratory of Molecular Biology.

Organisation of the Spin Manual

The Introductory section of the manual gives an overview of the functions (see section Summary of the Spin Functions), the menus (see section Spin Menus) and the user interface (see section Introduction to the Spin User Interface). The Introduction to the user interface includes a range of screen dumps which give an overview of what spin can do, and taken as a whole, the introduction should contain sufficient information to enable users to start using the program.

The next section describes in turn each of the main functions (see section The Spin Functions). This is followed by a detailed description of the spin user interface (see section The Spin User Interface). Next is a section describing how users can control the results from the functions, and how they can be manipulated once they have been obtained (see section Controlling and Managing Results). The final part of the manual describes how to read sequences into spin and the kinds of manipulations which can be performed on them to prepare them for analysis (see section Reading and Managing Sequences).

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