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#include <IO.h>

int io_read_seq(
        GapIO  *io,
        int     N,
        int2   *length,
        int2   *start,
        int2   *end,
        char   *seq,
        int1   *conf,
        int2   *opos);

This function loads from memory and disk information on gel readings and stores this in the paramaters passed over.

The reading number to read should be passed as N. The integers pointed to by length, start and end pointers are then written to with the total length (GReadings.length), the last base number (counting from 1) of the left hand cutoff data, and the first base number of te right hand cutoff data.

The sequence, confidence and original position data is then loaded and stored in the address pointed to by seq, conf and opos respectively. This is expected to be allocated to the correct size by the caller of this function. Either or both of conf and opos can be NULL, in which case the data is not loaded or stored. seq must always be non NULL.

This function returns 0 for success and non zero for failure.

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