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Miscellaneous Commands

xview ?position?
yview ?position?
These commands are used to query and change the horizontal and vertical position of the information displayed in the editor's window. Without specifying the optional position argument the current value is returned. Specifying position sets the position and updates the editor display.
Aligns the data covered by the selection with the consensus sequence. The sequence is then padded automatically.
configure ?option? ?value option value ...?
Reconfigures the editor. NB: not all configuration options allowed at startup operate correctly when reconfiguring. (This is a bug.)
dump_contig filename from to line_length
Saves the contig display to a file within a specified region. The output consists of the data and settings of the current display.
Queries whether edits have been made. Returns 1 if they have, 0 if they have not.
find_read identifier
Converts a reading identifier to an internal editor sequence number.
Returns a list of the displayed annotation types.
Returns the start and end of the displayable contig positions. If cutoff data is shown this will also include the cutoff data beyond the normal contig ends.
This returns the hidden reads as a list of reading name identifiers.
get_name ?gel_number?
Returns the gel name from a given internal reading number, or for the reading underneath the editing cursor.
get_number ?xpos ypos?
Returns the editor's internal reading number covering the screen coordinate (xpos,ypos). If no xpos and ypos are specified then the position of the editing cursor is used.
get_read_number ?xpos ypos?
Returns the reading number covering the screen coordinate (xpos,ypos). If no xpos and ypos are specified then the position of the editing cursor is used.
This command toggles the 'hidden' status of a reading. Hidden readings are not used to compute the consensus.
This returns the IO handle used for this editor.
Performs a join in the join editor.
Performs an alignment (and pads automatically) on the overlapping region in a join editor.
Queries whether the editor is part of a join editor. Returns 1 if it is and 0 if it is not.
Returns the percentage mismatch of the overlap for a join editor.
Saves the database, but doesn't quit.
set_displayed_annos ?type ...?
Sets the displayed annotation types to those specified. All other are turned off.
Realigns pads along the total length of the consensus.
Undoes the last compound operation (from a list of changes).
This toggles the editor between read-write and read-only mode.

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