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The Trace Display

autodisplay_traces ?value?
This command sets the automatic trace display mode. A value of 1 will make the editor display relevant traces to solve a problem when the problem search type is used. A value of 0 disables this.
set_trace_lock ?value?
This command sets the locking mode between the editor cursor and the trace cursor. With a value of 1 any movement in the editor cursor also moves the connected trace displays. A value of 0 disables this.
trace_comparator ?identifier?
This command specifies another reading identifier (within the same contig) to compare all new traces against. The comparator identifier can either be a reading identifier to compare against that specific reading or 0 to compare against a consensus trace. When invoke_trace is called the comparator trace, the requested trace, and their differences are displayed. With no identifier argument the automatic trace comparison is disabled.
trace_config ?match select?
This command controls of generation of the consensus trace when trace_comparator 0 is used. The consensus trace is calculated as the average trace of readings on the same strand as the trace we wish to compare it against. If match is non zero, each single base segment of the consensus trace is averaged from only readings in agreement with the consensus sequence. If select is non zero the trace to compare against is not used in the consensus trace calculation. With no match or select arguments the current settings are returned.
delete_trace path
Removes a trace with the Tk path from the trace display. Useful for when quitting the editor.
Adds a trace to the trace display.
diff_trace path1 path2
This brings up a difference trace between two currently displayed traces with the Tk pathnames of path1 and path2. These pathnames are returned from the initial trace_add and trace_create Tcl utility routines and are typically only known internally to the editor.

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