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The editor search procedures search for a particular item and move the editing cursor and xview position if a search item is found. Each search command takes a direction and a search string. Direction can be either 'forward' or 'reverse'.

search direction name value
Searches for the reading name starting with value.
search direction anno ?value?
Searches for the annotation containing a comment matching the value regular expression. Not specifying value will match all annotations.
search direction sequence value
Searches for the sequence value using a case-insensitive exact match.
search direction tag value
Searches for a tag with type value.
search direction position value
Moves to a specific position. If value is an absolute number (eg '30717' then the editing cursor is moved to that consensus base. If value is '@' followed by a number (eg '@100') then the editing cursor is moved to that base within the current reading. If value starts with a plus or minus the editing cursor is moved forwards or backwards by that amount. The direction parameter here has no effect and is included purely for consistency.
search direction problem
Searches for undefined bases or pads.
search direction quality
Searches for bases of poor quality (undefined bases, pads, or single stranded data).
search direction edit
Searches for sequence edits, including confidence value changes.
search direction verifyand
search direction verifyor
Searches for consensus bases that have a lack of evidence in the original sequences. verifyand looks for evidence on both strands together. verifyor looks for evidence on each strand independently and defines a match to be places where either strand has a lack of evidence. In the current implementation of these two searches only the forward direction is supported.

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