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Restriction Enzyme Plot

The restriction enzyme plot within the template display is a reduced version of the main Restriction Enzyme Map function. The dialogue used for choosing the restriction enzymes is identical and is described with the main function.See section Plotting Restriction Enzymes. It is invoked from the Template Display View menu. An example plot from the template display can be seen below.

(Click for full size image)

Here we see the searches for two restriction enzymes. Each vertical line is drawn at the cut position of the matched restriction site. Unlike the main restriction enzyme plot here all matches are plotted on a single horizontal plot. Initially all sites are drawn in black. To distinguish one site from another either touch the site with the mouse cursor and read the template display information line, or place the mouse cursor above a site and press the right mouse button. This pops up a menu containing "Information" and "Configure". The "Configure" option can be used to change the colour of all matches found for this enzyme. In the figure above we have changed the initial colours for both of the restriction enzymes searched for. The "Information" command displays information for all sites found in the text output window.

As with the main Restriction Enzyme Map function, clicking the left mouse button on two restriction sites in turn displays the distance between the chosen sites in the information line. This figure is also displayed in the box at the top right hand corner of the template display.

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