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Text Windows

A text window is simply an area of the screen set aside for displaying textual information. A typical example is the Output and Error windows seen on the main gap4 screen. See the illustration in section The Output and Error Windows.

The most basic use of text windows is to display data. If the data is large then there will usually be scrollbars on the right and bottom sides of the text display. If the data is of an editable nature (such as the comments in a tag in gap4) we may perform many editing operations on the text. The simplest commands follow.

Arrow keys              Moves the editing cursor
Left mouse button       Sets the editing cursor
Middle mouse button     Panning - controls both scrollbars at once
Alt left mouse button   Panning - controls both scrollbars at once
Delete                  Deletes the character to the left of the cursor
Most other keys         Adds text to the window

In addition to the above, some more advanced features are available, mostly following the Emacs style of key bindings.

Delete                  Delete region (when highlighted), otherwise as above
Control D               Delete character to the right of the cursor
Control N               Down one line
Control P               Up one line
Control B               Move back on character
Control F               Move forward on character
Control A               Move to start of line
Control E               Move to end of line
Meta b                  Move back one word
Meta f                  Move forward one word
Meta <                  Move to start
Meta >                  Move to end
Control Up              Move up one paragraph
Control Down            Move down one paragraph
Next                    Move done one page
Prev                    Move up one page
Control K               Delete to end of line
Control T               Transpose two characters
Drag left button        Highlights a region (for cut and paste)
Control /               Select all (for cut and paste)
Control \               Deselect all (for cut and paste)

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