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Configuration Options

These options are specified when creating the editor widget to configure its look and feel. In addition to the options listed below the editor supports the -width, -height, -font, -borderWidth, -relief, -foreground, -background, -xscrollcommand and -yscrollcommand. These are described in detail in the Tk options manual page. Note that the -width and -height values are measured in characters.

In the descriptions below `Command-Line Name' refers to he switch used in class commands and configure widget commands to set this value. `Database Name' refers to the option's name in the option database (e.g. in `.Xdefaults' files). `Database Class' refers to the option's class value in the option database.

Command-Line Name: -lightcolour
Database Name: lightColour
Database Class: Foreground
Specifies the foreground colour to use when displaying the cutoff data.

Command-Line Name: -max_height
Database Name: maxHeight
Database Class: MaxHeight
Specifies the maximum height the editor is allowed to display, in units of characters. The vertical scrollbar will be used when more than this many sequences are displayed.

Command-Line Name: -qualcolourn (0 <= n <= 9)
Database Name: qualColourn
Database Class: Background
These specify the 10 colours to be used for the background of the bases when show_quality is enabled. -qualcolour0 should be the darkest (defaults to '#494949') and -qualcolour9 should be the lightest (defaults to '#d9d9d9').

Command-Line Name: -qual_fg
Database Name: qualForeground
Database Class: Foreground
This specifies the foreground colour of bases with poorer quality than the current quality cutoff. By default this is redish ('#ff5050').

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