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 -io            io_handle:integer
 -readings      identifiers:strings
?-all           for_all:integer(1)?
?-remove        to_remove:integer(1)?

This command disassembles readings by either removing them from the database or moving them to their own contigs. The function returns no value but will generate a Tcl error if an error occurs.

-io io_handle
The database IO handle returned from a previous open_db call.

-readings identifiers
Specifies the list of readings to disassemble.

-all for_all
Controls whether to disassemble all readings or only those that are not "crucial" (those that would cause a contig to break into fragments). A non-zero value will disassemble all. The default is 1.

-remove to_remove
Controls whether to completely remove the readings from the database or to move them to their own contigs. A non-zero value will remove them, otherwise they are moved. The default is 1.

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