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Default Files

The application rc files contain all the configuration details required by the application. Typically an rc file starts by loading up more packages using more load_package commands. This allows for hierarchial dependencies of packages and simplifies the loading of any single package. For instance, the `siprc' file contains a load_package call for seqlib. The `seqlibrc' file in turn has a load_package call for tk_utils.

Next we may define the menu data. Defining menus here allows for extensions to be written that add new commands directly onto the main menu. This obviously provides the ability to have third party extensions without sacrificing usability for the user. See section Specifying Menu Configurations.

The rest of the rc file will contain the default value for applications. These may vary from the configuration parameters to the colours of plots to the text used in a particular dialogue. The available parameters to set are a function of the application itself, but the commands used to set these are universal.

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