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Text Output and Errors

A selection of C and Tcl functions exist for outputting text to either the stdout or stderr streams. For entirely text based applications these messages simply appear on their usual streams. For graphical applications the messages can appear in the main window of the application. The programmer is free to use the usual C output routines, such as printf, but doing so will no output to the main window.

To utilise the text based version of the routines no initialisation is required. For the windowing version the following startup code should be used from within stash.

pack [frame .output -relief raised -bd 2] -fill both -expand 1
load_package tk_utils
tout_create_wins .output

In the above example .output can be replaced by any window name you choose. The load_package tk_utils command is required to load the tk_utils_defs variable. The tout_create_wins command does the actual work of creating the necessary output and error windows. From then on, the text output routines will send data to the windows instead of stdout and stderr.

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