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# The main command procedure to bring up the dialogue
proc Composition {io} {
    global composition_defs

    # Create a dialogue window
    set t [keylget composition_defs COMPOSITION.WIN]
    if [winfo exists $t] {
        raise $t
    toplevel $t

    # Add the standard contig selector dialogues
    contig_id $ -io $io
    lorf_in $t.infile [keylget composition_defs COMPOSITION.INFILE] \
        "{contig_id_configure $ -state disabled}
         {contig_id_configure $ -state disabled}
         {contig_id_configure $ -state disabled}
         {contig_id_configure $ -state normal}
        " -bd 2 -relief groove

    # Add the ok/cancel/help buttons
    okcancelhelp $t.but \
        -ok_command "Composition2 $io $t $ $t.infile" \
        -cancel_command "destroy $t" \
        -help_command "show_help %composition Composition"

    pack $t.infile $ $t.but -side top -fill both

# The actual gubbins. This can be either in straight Tcl, or using Tcl and
# C. In this example, for efficiency, we'll do most of the work in C.
proc Composition2 {io t id infile} {
    # Process the dialogue results:
    if {[lorf_in_get $infile] == 4} {
        # Single contig
        set name [contig_id_gel $id]
        set lreg [contig_id_lreg $id]
        set rreg [contig_id_rreg $id]
        SetContigGlobals $io $name $lreg $rreg
        set list "{$name $lreg $rreg}"
    } elseif {[lorf_in_get $infile] == 3} {
        # All contigs
        set list [CreateAllContigList $io]
    } else {
        # List or File of contigs
        set list [lorf_get_list $infile]

    # Remove the dialogue
    destroy $t

    # Do it!
    set res [composition -io $io -contigs $list]

    # Format the output
    set count 0
    set tX 0
    set tA 0
    set tC 0
    set tG 0
    set tT 0
    set tN 0
    foreach i $res {
        vmessage "Contig [lindex [lindex $list $count] 0]"
        incr count

        set X [lindex $i 0]; incr tX $X
        if {$X <= 0} continue;

        set A [lindex $i 1]; incr tA $A
        set C [lindex $i 2]; incr tC $C
        set G [lindex $i 3]; incr tG $G
        set T [lindex $i 4]; incr tT $T
        set N [lindex $i 5]; incr tN $N
        vmessage "  Length  [format %6d $X]"
        vmessage "  No. As  [format {%6d %5.2f%%} $A [expr 100*${A}./$X]]"
        vmessage "  No. Cs  [format {%6d %5.2f%%} $C [expr 100*${C}./$X]]"
        vmessage "  No. Gs  [format {%6d %5.2f%%} $G [expr 100*${G}./$X]]"
        vmessage "  No. Ts  [format {%6d %5.2f%%} $T [expr 100*${T}./$X]]"
        vmessage "  No. Ns  [format {%6d %5.2f%%} $N [expr 100*${N}./$X]]\n"

    if {$count > 1} {
        vmessage "Total length [format %6d $tX]"
        vmessage "Total As     [format {%6d %5.2f%%} $tA [expr 100*${A}./$tX]]"
        vmessage "Total Cs     [format {%6d %5.2f%%} $tC [expr 100*${C}./$tX]]"
        vmessage "Total Gs     [format {%6d %5.2f%%} $tG [expr 100*${G}./$tX]]"
        vmessage "Total Ts     [format {%6d %5.2f%%} $tT [expr 100*${T}./$tX]]"
        vmessage "Total Ns     [format {%6d %5.2f%%} $tN [expr 100*${N}./$tX]]"

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