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menu_state_on menu_specs mask ?pathname?

Enables menu items by applying menu state mask to the menus described in the menu_specs data. Menu_specs is the contents of the variable created by the set_menu command and written to by subsequent add_* commands.

The mask is applied to each item in the menu specs. If the menu item enable set ANDed with the mask is non zero the menu item is enabled. Otherwise it is not changed (and not disabled). It is possible to combine multiple enable bits together in a single call. Hence the following two examples are identical.

menu_state_on $gap_menu 4 .mainwin.menus
menu_state_on $gap_menu 8 .mainwin.menus

menu_state_on $gap_menu 12 .mainwin.menus

Pathname specifies the root location of the menu widgets as given to a previous create_menus command.

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