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contig_reg_t **result_to_regs(GapIO *io, int id);

Returns:  An allocated list of contig_reg_t pointers upon success.
          NULL for failure.

Converts an id number to an array of contig_reg_t pointers. The contig_reg_t structures pointed to are considered the property of the registration scheme and should not be modified. The caller is expect to deallocate the returned list by calling the xfree function.


char *result_names(GapIO *io, int *contig, int *reg, int *id, int first);

Returns: The next name upon success.
         NULL for failure.

Generates description of functions registered with a particular contig. If contig 0 is specified then all are listed. 'contig' is modified to return the contig number this result was from (useful when sending contig 0), as is 'reg' to return the index into the registration array for this contig. This (contig,reg) pair specifies a particular result without the need for remembering pointers. 'id' contains a unique id number for this result.


char *result_time(GapIO *io, int contig, int id);

Returns: The time for success.
         "unknown" for failure.

Given a specific contig and id number, returns a string describing the time a specific id was registered. This assumes that all registered items with this id was registered at the same time. The string is statically allocated and should be be freed.


void result_notify(GapIO *io, int id, reg_data *jdata, int all);

Sends a notification request to registered data with the specified id. If 'all' is non zero then all registered data with this id will be notified, otherwise only the first instance of this id found will be notified.


void *result_data(GapIO *io, int id, int contig);

Returns:  contig_reg_t->data for id upon success
          NULL upon failure.

Returns the data component of a contig_reg_t structure for a specific id. If id represents more than one piece of data, the first found (the search order is undefined) is returned. If the contig is specified then id will be search for only within this contig registration list, otherwise (when contig is zero) all contigs are scanned.

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