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reg_generic         generic;

typedef struct {
    int    job;        /* REG_GENERIC */
    int    task;       /* Some specific task */
    void  *data;     /* And data associated with the task */
} reg_generic;

This is used for sending specific requests to specific data or data types. The task is a macro named after the type the task deals with. Eg TASK_EDITOR_SETCURSOR. REG_GENERIC is usually used in conjuction with a result_notify or type_contig_notify function call. See section Specific Notification Tasks.


reg_number          number;

typedef struct {
    int    job;        /* REG_NUMBER_CHANGE */
    int    number;     /* New contig number */
} reg_number;

Sent whenever a contig number changes, but not when a reading number changes. This is currently only sent when renumbering contigs during a contig delete operation.


reg_join            join;

typedef struct {
    int    job;        /* REG_JOIN_TO */
    int    contig;     /* New contig number */
    int    offset;     /* Offset of old contig into new contig */
} reg_join;

Used to notify data that this contig has just been joined to another contig, at a specified offset. contig is contig number that this contig has been joined to (and hence it's new number). offset is the offset within the new contig that the old contig has been joined to. This request is always sent to the right most of the contig pair to join. The leftmost contig receives a REG_LENGTH notification. See section Joining two contigs.


reg_order           order;

typedef struct {
    int    job;        /* REG_ORDER */
    int    pos;        /* New order */
} reg_order;

The purpose is to inform when the contig order changes. pos is the new position of this contig. To be consistent, there will be further REG_ORDER requests indicating the new position of the contig that was previously at this position. Typically this is simply handled by sending a notification for each contig. To handle these efficiently it is probably best to use the REG_BUFFER_START and REG_BUFFER_END notifications.

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