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#include <tagUtils.h>

void tag_shift_for_delete(
        GapIO  *io,
        int     N,
        int     pos);

This function shifts or shrinks tags by a single base. The purpose is to handle cases where we need to delete a base within a sequence. An deletion at position pos will mean moving every tag to the right of this position one base leftwards. A tag that spans position pos will have it's length decreased by one. If N is positive it specifies the reading number to operate on, otherwise it specifies the contig number (negated).

NOTE: This function does not work correctly for complemented readings. Also, it does not remove the tag when a deletion shrinks it's size to 0. It is planned to fix these problem by creating a new function that operates in a more intelligent fashion. To work around this problem, use logic similar to the example in tag_shift_for_insert. See section tag_shift_for_insert.

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