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#include <tagUtils.h>

int values2tag(
        char   *tag,
        char   *type,
        int     start,
        int     end,
        int     strand,
        char   *comment);

This function converts a tag represented by a series of separate integer/string values to a single string of the format used by the experiment file TG line type. It performs the opposite task to the tag2values function.

For the format of the tag string please see section tag2values.

The type, start, end, strand and comment paramaters contain the current tag details. comment must be specified even when no comment exists, but can be specified as a blank string in this case. tag is expected to have been allocated already and no bounds checks are performed. A safe size for allocation is strlen(comment)+30.

The function returns 0 for success, -1 for failure.

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