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#include <IO.h>

int io_complement_seq(
        int2   *length,
        int2   *start,
        int2   *end,
        char   *seq,
        int1   *conf,
        int2   *opos);

This function complements a sequence held in memory. No database I/O is performed. A sequence of length *length is passed in the seq argument with associated confidence values (conf) and original positions (opos) arrays. The start and end arguments contain the left and right cutoff points within this sequence.

The function will reverse and comlement the sequence, negate the start and end values, and reverse the conf and opos arrays. If either of conf or opos are passed as NULL, neither will be reversed. length is not modified, despite the fact that it is passed by reference.

The function returns 0 for success.

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