News / What's New - 1998

21st December 1998

The fourth and final beta release of pregap4 is now available. See the Pregap4 change log for a summary of the updates.

25th November 1998

The latest FakII, version 4.2, has now been updated to support Experiment Files. It is much faster than the earlier version and has a more sensitive overlap detection algorith. See the Related programs page for more details.

10th November 1998

Added a link to the Pregap4 and Gap4 course being held at the George Mason Univeristy (Virginia) on 14/15 December.

13th October 1998

Improved documentation on the mutation detection software.

13th August 1998

The third beta release of pregap4 is now available. See the Pregap4 change log for a summary of the updates.

5th August 1998

Updated the application forms. They have been updated to reflect our change to the CDrom distribution format and the consequential fact that this allows us to distribute the package all operating systems on the same CD. The new licence allows for use of all operating systems with no additional charge.

28th July 1998

Added a search mechanism (using Swish-E) to search for keywords over the entire site. At present this may not work correctly in the mirror sites.

24th July 1998

Major overhaul of web pages. Please report any problems to James Bonfield.

23rd July 1998

The second beta release of pregap4 is now available.

20th July 1998

Our latest paper on detection of point mutations is now publically available online as a PDF file, and to those with N.A.R. subscriptions as an HTML document.

9th July 1998

Added a pregap4 page describing how to obtain the beta test version of Pregap4.

15th May 1998

New package release - Version 1998.0. Many updates to Gap4, Nip4 and Sip4. Please see the Release Notes for full details of the changes.

Many updates to Gap4 including a Phrap interface, improved use of confidence values for consensus generation and for the minimal necessary edits, improved find internal joins, and a longer allowable reading names (now 32 characters). Sip4 has benefited from speed ups and a interface improvements (to make it more similar to Nip4 in controls). Sip4 can now also be linked with Gap4 or Nip4 to allow joint positioning of cursors between programs. Nip4 now has a few more functions: find start codons, find open reading frames, change the genetic code and count the dinucleotide frequencies. Please see the Release Notes for full details of the changes.

A few administrative changes have also occurred in this release. Firstly this distribution is the first to be made available on CD-ROM. With this increase storage capacity we now distribute the binaries for all the supported operating systems on the same CD, although not all need to be installed. We have also dropped support for SunOS 4.x with this release. It is recommended for SunOS 4 users to upgrade to SunOS 5 (aka Solaris 2.x). Finally note that this release does not contain source code, although it does contain sufficient header files and libraries for compilation of package extensions. For people wishing to obtain the full source code please email staden-package@mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk.

6th April 1998

Added a Phrap and Gap4 page for information on how to integrate the two programs.

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