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Opening trace files

Trace files can be opened either on the command line or from within Trev. In both cases it is possible to open several traces at once. In this case trev will add Next File, Previous File and Goto File buttons to allow quick navigation between traces.

On the command line, this is simply done by specifying several files. With the "Open" dialogue from within trev multiple files may be selected by dragging with the left mouse button or using shift+left button and control+left button to extend regions or to toggle loading of individual files.

Opening a trace file from the command line

usage: trev [-{ABI,ALF,EXP,SCF,PLN,Any}] [-edits value] [-editscf] [-xmag value] [-ymag value] [-restrict] [tracefilename ...]

-ABI, -ALF, -EXP, -SCF, -PLN, -Any
Optional. Defaults to Any. These define the possible input trace formats available. Currently these are 'ABI', 'ALF', experiment (see section Experiment File), 'SCF' (see section scf), plain ASCII text or 'any' in which case the program attempts to establish the file format from information contained within the trace file.

-edits value
Optional. Defaults to 1. If value is 1, the trace sequence can be edited. If value is 0, no edit line is displayed in Trev and the sequence may not be edited.

Optional. By default writing to SCF is disabled for safety and reasons of preference (we feel that all edits should be contained within an associated Experiment File thus leaving the original trace file intact). Specifying -editscf allows writing to SCF files.

Optional. Only used by Pregap4. This adds a Reject button to Trev and disables certain file operations. This argument should only be used by programs that run Trev as subprocesses for processing batches of files.

Optional. Restricts the use of the trace editor to a single file by disabling the ability to open another file from within Trev. The main use of this option is for calling Trev from within scripts.

-xmag value
Optional. Defaults to 150. Specifies the magnification along the X axis of the trace. Larger values represent higher magnifications.

-ymag value
Optional. Defaults to 10. Specifies the magnification along the Y axis of the trace. The value should be between 10 and 100 with 10 showing all the trace and 100 being the largest magnification.

Opening a trace file from within Trev

To open a trace file select the "Open..." command from the File menu. This brings up a file browser from where the trace name can be selected.See section File Browser. The format of the trace file should be selected from the row of Format buttons. Currently these are 'ABI', 'ALF', Experiment File (see section Experiment File), 'SCF' (see section SCF File), plain ASCII text or 'any' in which case the program attempts to establish the file format from information contained within the trace file. Opening an experiment file opens the trace file named within the experiment file. Double clicking on the trace name will open this trace file.

If a trace file is already open, it is closed before the new one is opened. If the previous trace has been edited, but not saved, a dialogue box is displayed, asking if you wish to save the file before loading a new file. Selecting "Yes" will automatically save the file to its current filename. Selecting "No" will discard any changes that have been made.

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