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Introduction to the Configure Modules Window

The "Configure Modules" dialogue is available from the Modules menu or, when using the compact window style, by pressing the Configure Modules tab.

As can be seen in the figure below, the left side of the display contains a list of the currently loaded modules. One module in this list will be highlighted. The right side of the display shows the configuration panel for this highlighted module and is module specific.


The module list shown on the left consists of a series of module names and their status, and is termed the "enable status". The tick or cross at the left of the name indicates whether this module is enabled. The text to the right of the module name indicates whether the module has been given all the parameters needed for it to run. This will be one of "ok" (all configuration options have been filled in), "-" (no configuration options exist for this module), "edit" (further configuration is required") or blank (this module is disabled).

The "enable status" can be toggled by left clicking on the tick/cross to the left of the module name. The enable status can be written to the current Pregap4 configuration file using the "Save Module List" or "Save All Parameters" commands in the Modules menu. Left clicking anywhere on a module name in the module list will switch the pane on the right side of the window to display any available parameters for this module. Not all modules will have parameters to configure.

For modules that do have parameters, the top line of the configuration panel will contain two buttons labelled "Select params to save" and "Save these parameters". The "Select params to save" button will add check boxes next to each parameter. Clicking on these check boxes allows selection of individual parameters to save for this module. Once these have been selected pressing the "Save" will save only those selected to the pregap4 configuration file. Pressing the "Save these parameters" button will save all parameters for this module to the configuration file.

The bottom strip of the window is an "Information Line".

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