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ALF/ABI to SCF Conversion - Obsolete

This module converts ABI and ALF files to SCF format using the makeSCF program. SCF format is not required by programs such as gap4, but it is considerably smaller and has been designed to give high compression ratios.

Option: SCF bit size
This selects the data size for the chromatogram data. An 8 bit value can store 256 possible values, which is typically good enough for display purposes. If Y scaling is required (for instance because the signal strength diminishes significantly along the length of the trace), or further computational analysis of the trace is required, a 16 bit data size should be chosen. As the majority of the trace file is the sample data, using 8 bit data typically saves about half of the disk space. Also see section Compress Trace Files. This module may also be used for converting 16-bit SCF files to 8-bit SCF files.

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