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Introduction to the Spin Sequence Comparison Display

A sequence comparison display is associated with a single set of results and can be invoked by bringing up a pop up menu for the required result, either from the Results manager, the Results menu in the Spin Sequence Comparison Plot, or the coloured square icon on the right of the plot.

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The horizontal sequence is drawn above the vertical sequence and the central panel indicates characters which are identical. The buttons (< >) and (<< >>) scroll the sequences. Pressing the Lock button forces the sequences to scroll together. Movement of the sequences is also controlled by the scrollbars or by moving the corresponding cursor in the Spin Sequence Comparison Plot. The black cursors in the sequence display correspond to the position of the cursor in the Spin Sequence Comparison Plot. The sequences can be made to 'jump' to the nearest match in those results by pressing the "Nearest match" or "Nearest dot" buttons.

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