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get_scf_field -- extract comments from an SCF file


get_scf_field [ -cqs ] filename [ Field-ID ... ]


The get_scf_field command extracts comments from an SCF file. Each comment is of the form Field-ID=comment. Where Field-ID is a 4 character identifier.

With no Field-ID arguments specified all comments are listed. Otherwise only those specified on the command line are listed.


Suppresses the output of the Field-ID. Only the right hand side of the comment is displayed. The default action is the display the full comment in the form listed above.
Query mode. Here no output is displayed, but it simply returns true or false depending on whether any of requested comments were found.
Silent mode. No error messages are produced, except for usage messages. It returns true or false for success or failure.


See section get_comment(1).See section scf(4).

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