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Moving the visible segment of the contig

The contig editor displays only one segment of the entire contig, although several contig editors can be in use at once. Above the sequence display is a "scrollbar". This line represents the entire contig, with a greyed section representing the currently displayed segment. To change the displayed segment put the mouse cursor in the scrollbar and use the mouse buttons. The available controls are:

Middle Mouse Button      Set displayed section
Alt Left Mouse Button    Set displayed section
Left Mouse Button        Scroll left or right one screenful

On the far right side of the contig is a vertically oriented scrollbar. Typically the editor will be showing all available data, in which case the vertical scrollbar cannot be scrolled. In regions of exceptionally deep coverage, the editor makes sure that the controls, the consensus, and any status lines are visible. The remaining space is taken up with however many sequences fit. The vertical scrollbar can then be used, using the mouse buttons listed above, to scroll through the sequences.

In addition to the scrollbars there are four buttons on the left hand side for scrolling by fixed amounts.

<<              Scroll left half a screenful
<               Scroll left one base
>               Scroll right one base
>>              Scroll right half a screenful

Within the editor window itself two more key combinations can be used for scrolling forwards and backwards an entire screenful. These, and several others, are modelled after the Emacs key bindings.

Control v       Scroll right one screenful
Meta v          Scroll left one screenful

Finally, moving the editing cursor will always adjust the displayed section so that the editing cursor is visible. Hence this can also be used to scroll around the editor in both horizontal and vertical fashions.

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