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Automatic Match Navigation

The "Next" button of the contig comparator window automatically invokes the default operation on the next match from the current active result. This provides a mechanism to step through each match in turn ensuring that no matches have been missed.

With a single result (set of matches) plotted, the "Next" button simply steps through each match in turn until all have been seen. Moving the mouse above the "Next" button, without pressing it, highlights the next match and displays brief information about it in the status line at the bottom of the window. To step through the matches in "best first" order, select the "Sort Matches" option from the relevant name in the Results menu. The exact order is dependent on the result in question, but is generally arranged to be the most interesting ones first. For example, Find Internal Joins shows the lowest mismatch first whilst Check Assembly shows the highest mismatches first.

Bringing up another result now directs "Next" to step through each of the new matches. To change the result that "Next" operates on, use the Result menu to select the "Use for 'Next'" option in the desired result. Alternatively, double clicking on a match also causes "Next" to process the list starting from the selected result.

The "Next" scheme remembers any matches that have been previously examined either by itself or by manually double clicking, and will skip these. To clear this 'visited' information select "Reset 'Next'" in the Results Manager.

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