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Standard tag types

The standard tag types include those shown below plus the FT records from EMBL sequence file entries. Users can also invent their own and add them to their personal GTAGDB. This is a file that describes the available tag types and their colours (see section Configure the tag database).

Code    Function
COMM    Comment
COMP    Compression
RCMP    Resolved compression
STOP    Stop
OLIG    Oligo (primer)
REPT    Repeat
ALUS    Alu sequence
SVEC    Sequencing vector
CVEC    Cloning vector
MASK    Mask me
FNSH    Finished segment
ENZ0    Restriction enzyme 0
ENZ9    Restriction enzyme 9
MUTN    Mutation
DIFF    Sequence different to consensus
HETE    Heterozygous mutation
HET+    Heterozygous mutation False +ve
HET-    Heterozygous mutation False -ve
HOM+    Homozygous mutation False +ve
HOM-    Homozygous mutation False -ve
F***    All other (60) EMBL FT record types

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