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Command Line Arguments

Specifies whether to run the "Check Database" option when opening new databases. -check forces this to always be done and -nocheck forces it to never be done. By default Check Database is always performed when opening databases in read-write mode and never performed when opening in read-only mode.

Specifies the maximum number of readings plus contigs. This value is not automatically adjusted whilst the program is running, but is not allowed to be set to a value too small for the database to be opened. It controls the size of some areas of memory (approximately 16*maxdb bytes) used during execution of gap. The default value is 8000.

Specifies the maximum number of characters used in the concatenated consensus sequences. This parameter is generally not required as the value is normally computed and adjusted automatically. However a few functions (such as assembly) still need to know a maximum size before hand. The default is 100000 bases.

Opens the database (if specified on the command line) in read only mode. This does not apply to databases opened using the file browser.

Does not search for and execute any Notes of type OPEN or CLOS. This may be an important security measure if you are using foreign databases.

Does not make use of the RAWD note type for specifying the trace file search path.

Treat this as the last command line option. Only useful if the database name is specified and the name starts with a minus character (not recommended!).

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