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Unsupported Additions (From LaDeana Hillier)

Note the clash on AP which the io-lib uses for "Assembly Position" and PC which is used for "Position in Contig"

People to track:
TP Template Prep person
QP Sequencer Person, person who does sequencing reactions
LP Loader Person
AL Agar Loader person (when they run a gel to determine SI)
AP Agar reaction Person   (person who does the reactions to prepare
                        the template to be run on a gel)

Gel specific information
GN Gel Name
GL Gel Lane
GP Gel Pourer person
AG Agar Gel name (sizing gel)
AF Agar Fate, no insert, no bands, what else?

Name of library
LB  Library name, probably not critical to assembly even though
        one CN may have more than one library.  But it is important
        to the cDNA project although I could put it in CN, since
        the cDNA project wouldn't have a CN otherwise.

Processing information
PC processing comment (a comment about PS)
        I think PS should just hold pass or fail and PC should hold
        additional information about why things passed.

Trace information gotten from the ABI machine (from info field in SCF file):
TS   Trace Spacing
DP   Dye Primer
HA   signal strengtH A
HG   signal strengtH G
HC   signal strengtH C
HT   signal strengtH T

(NOTE rs suggested these should go in a single record

PP   Primer Position  (position at which primer peak was detected in trace)

Stuff most likely specific to the cDNA project:
MP Map Position 
TT Tissue Type of the library
EI dbEst Id  
ER dbEst Remark
OE Other Est's which are similar
GB GenBank accession number
SD Submission Date (when est was submitted)
UD Update date (when it was last updated)
CI citation associated with this cDNA

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