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1996.1: New programs


This is a new sequence comparison program to replace our old sip program. In addition to replacing sip it includes a new and much more flexible interface to the sequences libraries. Novel features of sip4 are a window for sliding the sequence passed one another (and this can be controlled by the graphics crosshair), the ability to compare nucleic acids against protein, colour displays, the facilty to overlay plots and to hide and recall previous displays. Novel features of the sequence library interface include new types of text search and modes of combining search results, the ability to select fields from the entries, and its general ease of use. The online help is the best source of information.


This is a new standalone program for searching and retrieving data from the sequence libraries. See the "Sequence Library Browser" section of the online help for full details.

Trace clipping

Two new programs, trace_clip and scale_trace_clip, have been added as a better alternatives to the old clip program (which is still available). These work on analysis of the trace data. In contrast the old clip program (as still used by pregap) uses only the called sequence. See the trace_clip and scale_trace_clip manual pages for more information.

1996.1: Changes to programs

The most important changes have been displayed in a bold text style.


New functions

Contig Editor

Trace Display

Contig Selector






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