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Package Version 1995.1

14th September 1995

The major change with this release is the inclusion of our new version of gap. Currently, to distinguish this from the existing gap, we are calling our new version "gap4". Gap4 is currently considered as a beta release. When we finish the beta test stage gap will be renamed to gap3, and gap4 will be renamed to gap. In the longer term gap (i.e. the new program) will be the only assembly program we support. In the even longer term the whole package will have a gap4-like interface. We encourage the use of this release of gap4 and are unaware of any serious bugs.

We also include our new trace viewer and editor program called trev. This was initially written as an excercise in the use of Tcl and Tk but now gives a better user interface and interaction with experiment files.

For those on our automatic update list we apologise for the long delay since the last update, which is due to us concentrating on getting gap4 into a releaseable state. We hope you find it worth waiting for.

For further details see the highlights of gap4 and the changes and bug fixes.

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